We Offer Service Plans To Suit Your Particular Needs

Standard Service Plan

Our standard service is comparable to our competitors EXCEPT we do it better!  It includes water balancing with chlorine, acid, and stabilizer.  Your pool is brushed and vacuumed.  Your baskets are emptied and the surface is skimmed.  A final equipment check is performed and you are apprised of any existing or potential problems.

Premium Service Plan

For those who truly want to take care of their pool with no financial surprise.  We offer all the benefits of the "basic" service plus more.  Also included are two filter cleans per year, chlorine generator service, summer pool shocks, algae treatments, pump and skimmer baskets, and a drain, refill and water balance every four years.  The aforementioned would be additional charges to the "basic" customer.

Biweekly Service Plan

The same tasks and supplies offered under our "basic" service but performed every other week.  Most customers who subscribe to this service use it in the winter months then change to weekly service in the summer.  This is wise as it is difficult to maintain excellent water quality without a weekly visit during the warmer months.  This is the time of year the pool is used the most.  The water at this time of year is also in a state where it is most reactive to outside influences.

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Chemical & Filters Only

We also offer a plan for those who like to do it themselves.  Our customers are not able to obtain the industrial strength chemicals off the shelf.  We can deliver them weekly or biweekly depending on your needs.  We also offer filter cleans and experienced advice to those who ask.

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