Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning Season Is Upon Us

It’s filter cleaning season.  The Santa Ana’s are over and your pool water has been circulating through your filter elements since last summer. I am finding that for many of my new customers it has been longer then that, which is not good for your pool or you.  Virtually all manufacturers recommend that your filter be cleaned at least twice a year.  The optimum time for these cleanings is this time of year, after the Santa Ana’s have dumped debris in your pool over a period of months. The second cleaning should occur towards the end of summer when your pool has been bombarded by sun tan lotions and other elements derived from heavy use.

Your water may look clear but it is far from clean without a consistent filter service.  Filters are designed to strain debris from your pool at the microscopic level but remember, it does not eliminate it.  The debris remains caught in your filter until cleaned out during a servicing.  Until such time it is removed, your pool water passes through it daily.  Think of your filter elements as a giant tea bag.  Your pool water passes through it several times daily and gets returned to your pool where you bathe.

Another important reason to get your filter cleaned regularly is for your equipment’s sake.  Typically, after a filter clean water flow improves by 25 to 30 percent.  Often I see a 50+ percent improvement in water flow.  This can be measured by the pressure gauge located on the top of your filter. A 30 percent improvement in water flow equates to your pump motor having 30 percent less strain on it.  Another component affected by water flow problems resulting from dirty filters is heaters.  Many customers call with heater problems.  The first thing I look at is water flow.  In many cases the heater is perfectly fine but will not function unless the water flow is above a specific PSI..  After performing a filter clean the heater fires right up.

Cleaning a filter is a time consuming, dirty job.  Both cartridge and DE filters are handled the same way.  Filters are disassembled and elements are cleaned off with water.  They are then inspected for damage such as tears and reassembled.  The filter element assembly is then placed back in the canister.  The canister is buttoned up and tested.  For DE filters, DE is then added to the pool.  There are ways to take shortcuts during this process.  Rest assured that Aquamarine will always do a thorough, consistent job.  Please call us to schedule your appointment today.